Vol. 7, No. 4

About this issue
With Volume 7, Number 4, and since its relaunch in September 2017, three more volumes of Rungh magazine come to an end. Over the past three volumes (12 issues), Rungh has engaged with more than a hundred artists and contributors, reestablished its Rungh Readings series, nurtured archival projects that explores the 1990s and it relevance to current cultural conversations, and engaged in arts advocacy from IBPOC perspectives.
Bleeding the Memory MembraneBy Chris Creighton-Kelly
Chris Creighton Kelly explores the various strategies which arts activists could utilize as they tried to change cultural institutions from inside and outside these same institutions in the 1990s.
Reviews & Reflections
Suspended SoulsBy Mathilde Benignus
Three performances and an embodied talk by Soleil Launière.
Version française
KambirinachiBy Francesca Ekwuyasi
Excerpt from Butter Honey Pig Bread by Francesca Ekwuyasi.
Archival BricolageSimranpreet Anand in e-conversation with Madhur Anand
Madhur Anand reflects on This Red Line Goes Straight to Your Heart.

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