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About the Archives

Rungh has a rich digital archive of both its print and online magazines and ephemera. Rungh is in the midst of animating this archive with an Archive Creation Group and new events and programs.

Rungh plans to add new archival content as it is produced.

Featured Archive Issue

Rungh MagazineVol. 3, No. 4
Browsing the Racks. Rungh takes a look at the South Asian periodical scene.


Rungh Online Magazine, 2004-2020
Rungh has archived its new online issues (since September 2017) as a web project. We have preserved the appearance of each iteration of the site as the magazine has grown. The tool bars have also been preserved. They remain as active links back to the most current Rungh website. Past advertisements for exhibitions or events have also been left in place for posterity.
Rungh Print Magazine, 1992-1999
The core of the Rungh Archive are the physical magazines produced from 1992 to 2000. While the magazines posted are partial and the archive is still in progress on the Rungh site, Rungh has entered into a partnership with Simon Fraser University Library, Special Collections. SFU has scanned every single page of the printed magazines and posted them on the SFU Library website.
Rungh Documentation
Rungh is committed to digitizing and documenting important moments of Rungh's history and to providing it from education and interest. Documentation will be added as it becomes available.

Rungh Redux

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Arte-Text Archive

Rungh Magazine's print archive, from 1992 to 2000, Volume 1 to the end of Volume 4, can be found at Just search for "Rungh".

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