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August 5, 2022

Rungh Magazine Volume 9, No 3

HUE at RMG. Image credit: Darren Rigo.
HUE at RMG. Image credit: Darren Rigo.

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Originally published on Akimbo

NEW Rungh Magazine, Volume 9, No 3

How do we make meaning from languages and histories that we do not understand? There is no one approach.

In this NEW issue of Rungh, this theme serendipitously emerges in four separate pieces. Rusaba Alam in her review of the play Himmat suggests that stretching to understand the Punjabi language brings us closer to the incomplete and unknowable. We construct the meanings as best we can.

Chelsea Vowel, in the short story Dirty Wings, provides some context to Métis/nêhiyaw culture and language, by providing an “exploration” section after the story. In Ali Kazimi’s documentary film Beyond Extinction: Sinixt Resurgence, reviewed by Hanif Karim, a creation story is told by Elder Eva Orr in Snslxcin, with English language voice overs and animation.

Artist David Garneau, in his Tawatinâ Bridge art installation, reviewed by David McGonigal-Videla, takes the approach that while providing information to the viewer helps, each viewer needs to create their own meaning, often by undertaking their own research and connecting with Indigenous story holders.

Normalize Suicidality by TJ Felix. Image credit: Soloman Chiniquay.
Normalize Suicidality by TJ Felix. Image credit: Soloman Chiniquay.

David Garneau's Column explores The 83rd Call to Action of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission – art collaborations.

Reviews of exhibitions in Vancouver, Commodified Trauma and Supernatural Gentrification (review by S F Ho) and Oshawa, HUE x RMG: Honouring Unapologetic Expression (review by Ashley Marshall) , round out this issue.

At Rungh, we explore the language(s) in which you make art.

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