Zara Suleman

Zara Suleman

Zara currently works as a family law and fertility lawyer in her own solo firm. She is also a certified family law mediator and collaborative law practitioner. Zara Suleman has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Women’s Studies, a Law degree and a Master of Laws.

Zara is actively involved in presenting, training, writing and editing materials on family law issues.

Zara has written for publications such as: Ankur Magazine (Vancouver); Canadian Women’s Studies Journal (Toronto); Diva: South Asian Women’s Journal (Toronto); Gleaner Newspaper (Vancouver); Kinesis Newspaper (Vancouver); Montreal Serai Magazine (Montreal); Rungh Magazine (Vancouver); SAMAR Magazine (New York); and Aquelarre Magazine (Vancouver). In addition, some of her short stories, poetry and critiques have been published in: Aurat Durbar (Toronto: Second Story Press, 1995); The Journal Project: Dialogues and Conversations Inside Women’s Studies (Second Story Press, 1995); Hot and Bothered 2 (Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999); Canadian Women’s Studies: An Introductory Reader (Inanna Publications and Education Inc., 1999); Calling For Change: Women, Law, and the Legal Profession (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2006); and Intersecting Sites of Violence in the Lives of Girls: Implications for Theory, Research and Practice (Kingston: Althouse Press, 2009). She was and continues to be a contributor to several editions of the CLEBC Annotated Family Practice and Family Practice Manual resource books for BC family law lawyers.

Zara has been involved in the theatre and arts scene in Vancouver, as a member of various boards and at several theatre festivals as a production assistant and stage manager. Her play Identities was performed at the Developmental Arts Society Festival and the Women In View Theatre Festival.

Before attending law school, Zara was a frontline advocate for over 10 years working in various community organizations and ad hoc groups related to violence against women and children, immigrant and refugee communities, anti-racism and anti-poverty issues, access to justice initiatives and law reform.

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