With Love – Mary Jane…

A poem
by Seema Malka Buksh

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My name you ask, first tell me yours-
Not that it matters once we close the doors.
Why so tense? What's the hurry?
Let me free you from all your worries…
Now relax and unwind-
Feel my thoughts within your mind…
Now we are one, we may do as we please-
As ice we may melt, as fire we may freeze…
On this pathway, I will see to all your needs-
Your thirst I will quench, your hunger I will feed…
Now close the doors and dim the lights,
Let the haze of smoke fill the night…
Now breathe in slow, slow and deep-
What you're feeling now is warmth of my heat…
Now close your eyes and tell me what you see,
Do you now see life as a fantasy?
Now relax and try once more-
This time breathe deeper - deeper than before…
We may do this for as long as you like-
From the break of dawn 'til the dead of night…
Before long for these feelings - these pleasures you
will crave- And to satisfy your urge - you will have
become my slave.. .Then I will do with you whatever
I want-Be it to tease, toy with, torment or taunt…
For now you've given me ultimate control-
Command of your body, your mind, your soul…
Then, like a fool, you will try to escape-
Only to see me waiting at the gate…
With tears in your eyes, you will ask me again-
Begging me to tell you - tell you my name…
Only then will I tell you, as I wipe away the pain-
Whispering to each teardrop, With Love - Mary Jane…

Handprint design by Sherazad Jamal.
Redux Handprint
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Seema Malka Buksh is a Vancouver based certified art therapist.
Rungh Redux Winner 2022 Award of Merit Innovative Practice
Rungh Redux Winner 2022 Award of Merit Innovative Practice
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