Untunnelling Vision
"Untunnelling Vision," Jin-me Yoon, 2020.

With Volume 8, Number 2, Rungh launches a redesigned site with a new family of font faces, clearer navigation, easier access to content, and better engagement with our growing archive and articles.

Rungh is also announcing its first Columnist, David Garneau. Expect thoughtful and opinionated writing regularly from this major voice on Canada's cultural scene. Destination reading.

Rungh welcomes strong opinions and Carmen Aguirre's comments on cancel culture and theatre in Canada, fill the bill.

Reviews of arts exhibitions across Canada feature the art work of Divya Mehra (at the MacKenzie Gallery), Jin-me Yoon (at MST/Truck Gallery), and Nicole Neidhardt, Lacie Burning, Chandra Melting Tallow, and Whess Harman (at Open Space).

Uma Menon's poetry in Hands for Language is reviewed, and fiction from Book of Wings by Tawhida Tanya Evanson is excerpted.

Rungh continues to grow and change in these challenging times.

– Editor