Image Credit Dale Roddick - Bangle v2 - Gardiner Museum
Image Credit: Dale Roddick. Bangle v2. Gardiner Museum.

Herstories and histories haunt us, in this issue of Rungh.

Indo-Caribbean herstories are brought to light by Heidi McKenzie in her exhibition at the Gardiner Museum and Ramabai Espinet reflects on these missing, but essential linkages to the present.

Henry Yu tells us about his family and the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act. You will remember it long after you finish reading it.

Cecily Nicholson tells about Black Agrarianism in post Slavery times in her new collection of poetry, Harrowings, reviewed by Phinder Dulai. Jordan Abel too visits the land, Indigenous land, in an excerpt from his new collection of poetry, Empty Spaces. Maryam Gowralli publishes her new Desh Pardesh inspired poems as Rungh embarks on activating the Rungh archive related to Desh Pardesh.

Amyn Sajoo makes us think about Islamic Studies in his book review, accompanied by images from the art of Parviz Tanavoli. Varda Nisar reminds us that missing contexts lead to flattened narratives in her review of artist Nalini Malini’s exhibition, Crossing Boundaries.

At Rungh, it is hard to forget.

– Editor