Image by Solomon Chiniquay and jaz whitford. Installation image by Michael Love. Artspeak Gallery.
Image by Solomon Chiniquay and jaz whitford.

This issue of Rungh is a special issue about Cultivating Kin.

It includes an article by me that reflects on Rungh’s multi-year journey from Primary Colours/Couleurs primaires (2017) to Cultivating Kin (2023) and five recordings of conversations with artists Chris Creighton-Kelly, France Trepanier, Nicole Kelly Westman, David Ng, Valerie Sing Turner, Diane Roberts, Haruko Okano, David Garneau and Margo Kane.

A written exchange between David Ng and Valerie Sing Turner traces their personal journeys to and with Cultivating Kin.

The Artist Run Centre features Solomon Chiniquay and jaz whitford with text by Nya Lewis.

At Rungh, we sometimes take years to cultivate some of our special issues.

– Editor