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March 5, 2018

IBPOC Victoria Hosting Public Forum at Open Space

Open Space

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IBPOC Victoria will he hosting a public forum at Open Space in Victoria on Saturday, March 10 at 2 PM. This event is independent of Open Space. The text of their Facebook post is reproduced below.

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Through the dedicated work of France Trépanier, Peter Morin, Doug Jarvis and others Open Space has become a crucial venue for conversations about Indigeneity and reconciliation. Recent changes in the direction of Open Space have led to France’s resignation and a call by the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective to boycott the ‘Curator of Exhibitions’ position that replaces the position of Aboriginal Curator. The work of Indigenizing the institution spearheaded by France and others is in jeopardy, and recent events reveal systemic challenges for Indigenous and racialized individuals working with and within our cultural institutions.

On Saturday, March 10 we will be holding a public forum at Open Space. Please join us at 2 pm, 2nd Floor, 510 Fort Street, to discuss how the community should respond to recent events, the situation for Indigenous and racialized artists in Victoria and our relationship to cultural institutions. The meeting will be the first in a series to flesh out these issues and members from Indigenous and POC communities will be given the opportunity to speak.

This event is held with the knowledge and support of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and considered to be complimentary to their boycott.

The forum has been organized independently of Open Space.