Rungh has its roots in a magazine of the same name which published as a South Asian Quarterly of Culture, Comment and Criticism from 1992-1997 under one editorial team, and from 1997 to 2000 under a second editorial team. Founded by Zool Suleman and Sherazad Jamal, the magazine was a pioneer in it's cross/multi-disciplinary approach, which while rooted in identity politics, also looked beyond identity in its scope. Operating as a non-profit society with a national Advisory Board, Rungh played a key role in defining what South Asian culture meant in Canada during the 1990’s and beyond.

The best way to understand Rungh is to look at the archive issues which are included in this site. Read this brief interview.

The new Rungh project is committed to revisiting these past conversations within a context sensitive to past influences/dialogues and refreshing them and nesting them within the intersectional cultural contexts of the present. Newly commissioned work. Connected conversations. Archive. Alive. Arch(a-live).

Rungh is a Member of the British Columbia Magazine Publishers Association (BCMPA), the British Columbia Alliance for Arts and Culture, and an Associate Member of the BC Museums Association.

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