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everything left unsaid

Keerat Kaur: Panjabi Garden Exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery
Keerat Kaur, Svāgat, 2022, digital illustration, excerpt from Panjabi Garden.
Teaching us to walk from unlearned truths to unlearned truths part 1, 2017
Teaching us to walk from unlearned truths to unlearned truths part 1, 2017 Credit: Courtesy of the artist and Cooper Cole, Toronto.

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Rungh Cultural Society
The Libby Leshgold Gallery is pleased to present everything left unsaid, a solo exhibition of work by Jagdeep Raina and the artist’s first in Vancouver. The featured work spans a period of roughly seven years, a time during which Raina’s drawing and painting practice has grown to include embroidered textile work and, most recently, stop-motion animation.
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Behind Raina's image-making is the exploration of the archive, and the teasing out of both its possibilities and limitations. The work refuses to see time and memory as fixed concepts, and explores questions about community, materiality, and landscape within the Sikh diaspora. Raina has worked with personal, civic, and institutional archives and has parsed photographic, oral, and written histories in order to create a more complex understanding of the diasporic communities formed as a result of transnational migration—memories, photographs, and retellings from the past are re-animated and histories transform into narratives unfurling in the present.

Moving through the exhibition, one can see the artist ably shift between mediums, employing a range of tools and techniques to examine his subjects from every angle. Formed as a result is a living archive that is unfixed and atemporal.


Opening Reception: January 12th at 6pm

Online Artist Conversation featuring Jagdeep Raina, Yui Kigimiya, and Ami Yokoyama: January 26th, 2023. Time: 6 pm (PST)

Online Panel Discussion: February 9th, 2023, at 6pm (PST): "Tracing Contours: Canadian South Asian Contemporary Arts 1990s - 2020s" featuring Shelly Bahl, Farheen Haq, and Jordan Strom. Hosted by Zool Suleman.