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Zara Suleman

Zara Suleman

Zara Suleman has written for such publications as: Ankur Magazine (Vancouver); Canadian Women’s Studies Journal (Toronto); DIVA; South Asian Women’s Journal (Toronto); Gleaner Newspaper (Vancouver); Kinesis Newspaper (Vancouver); Montreal Serai Magazine (Montreal); Rungh Magazine (Vancouver); SAMAR Magazine (New York); and Aquelarre Magazine (Vancouver).

In addition, some of her short stories, poetry and critiques have been published in: Aurat Durbar (Toronto: Second Story Press, 1995); The Journal Project: Dialogues and Conversations Inside Women’s Studies (Second Story Press, 1995); Hot and Bothered 2 (Vancouver: Arsenal Pulp Press, 1999); Canadian Women’s Studies: An Introductory Reader (Inanna Publications and Education Inc.,1999); Calling For Change: Women, Law, and the Legal Profession (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2006); Intersecting Sites of Violence in the Lives of Girls: Implications for Theory, Research and Practice  (Kingston: Althouse Press, 2009).

Zara has sat on various theatre and arts related boards in Vancouver and was involved at various theatre festivals as a production assistant and stage manager. Her play Identities was performed at the Developmental Arts Society Festival and the Women In View Theatre Festival.

Zara has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Women’s studies; a Law degree and a Master of Laws. Zara currently works as a family law and fertility lawyer in her own solo firm. She is board member of the Rise Women’s Legal Clinic and a member of the Family Law Advisory for the West Coast Women’s Legal Education Action Fund (LEAF).

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