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Rungh is a journey, a conversation, a strain of music that you just can't get out of your head... Rungh is a meeting place for South Asian artists of every discipline to engage with home, migration, identity, culture and belonging... Rungh is perspectives converging, ideas colliding, cultures fusing... Rungh welcomes you to this unfolding story...

Rungh began in the throes of the identity politics which gripped Canada in the late 80s; a politic which simultaneously created and destroyed definintions. As we broach the end of the 90s the seeds of conservative politics have become well rooted and identity politics are increasingly regarded as having marginal value. When Rungh began there was a window of opportunity to discuss what it meant to be ‘Canadian’ or ‘western’ while still having roots someplace else in the diaspora. We fear that the window is beginning to close. The rhetoric of globalism, technology, deficit reduction, and corporatism continue to create further distance between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ All too often the communities which contribute to and support Rungh find themselves on the losing end.

We are at heart dreamers and optimists. We believe in the strength of communities and the power of creative labour to resist oppression. Such resistance, however, increasingly requires equal doses of open-eyed pragmatism, faith in ones beliefs and the support of a greater community. We believe that there is much work to be done and that Rungh has a continuing role in doing it.

Rest assured that the spirit of Rungh will not disappear.




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