Artists & Contributors

On this page Rungh lists all of the Artists and Contributors who have been a part of Rungh, past and present. It is a work in progress. Check out what Rungh has to offer.

Indu Vashist

Executive Director of SAVAC (South Asian Visual Arts Centre). View more.

Fair Play. (Volume 5, Number 1).

Rahat Kurd

Rahat Kurd is a poet and cultural critic living in Vancouver. View more.

Untouchable Kashmir. (Volume 5, Number 1).

Abeer Yusuf

Abeer Yusuf is a media professional, writer, avid book-reader and interested in all things coloured yellow. View more.

Aunty Advice (Volume 5, Number 1).

Shenaaz Nanji

Shenaaz Nanji is an internationally published children’s author. She holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College and has published ten books for young readers View more.

Ghost Boys: Didi’s Homecoming (Volume 5, Number 1).

Mandeep Wirk

Mandeep Wirk is a writer and journalist, Wirk is also a visual artist, photographer, educator, and social activist. View more.

ACT NOW on Reconciliation (Volume 5, Number 1).

Ali Kazimi

Professor Ali Kazimi is a filmmaker, writer, and visual artist whose work deals with race, social justice, migration, history, memory and archive. View more.

Fair Play images (Volume 5, Number 1).
Arundhati Roy and her mission to inspire (Volume 5, Number 1).

Julian Samuel

Julian Samuel is a documentary filmmaker, writer and painter. View more.

Beulah in Lahore and other places (Volume 5, Number 1).

Cathy Busby

Cathy Busby is a Canadian artist and activist based in Vancouver. She is currently an Adjunct Professor of Visual Art at UBC. View more.

ACT NOW on Reconciliation (Volume 5, Number 1).